The 2024 LOC is pleased to offer the following Professional Development (PD) sessions.

Please note:

  • Courses are offered in English only.
  • Course attendance is not included with conference registration. Separate registration is required.
  • Courses will be delivered as in-person training only, future online streaming will not be available.
  • CRPA(R) Maintenance Points are allotted.
  • Courses are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of participants is not  met (full refunds will be issued).
  • Course registration is not transferrable.
  • No refunds will be issued after May 20, 2024  unless a course has been cancelled.

Class 7 TDG for NORM Transportation Training

Instructor: Cody Cuthill, President and CEO NormTek Radiation Services Ltd.

Date: June 6, 2024

Time: 13:00 – 17:00

Room: Chief’s Boardroom (River Cree Resort and Casino)

Fees:  Members: $175 (+13% HST) / Non-members: $225 (+13% HST) 
(fee includes instruction, any course materials, and refreshment breaks)

CRPA(R) Maintenance Points:  0.5

The Class 7 TDG NORM Transport course is intended to ensure shippers of NORM waste or equipment have the necessary training to properly ship NORM impacted waste or equipment in accordance with the Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations and the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Upon successful completion of the exam at the end of this course, students will be provided with a Certificate of Training indicating that they have successfully passed Class 7 NORM Transport Training in accordance with requirements as dictated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations, and Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Mr. Cuthill has been involved in handling Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) since 1988 when the materials were first brought to the attention of the Alberta Regulators. He was involved in licensing Canada’s first decontamination facility in 1997 and Canada’s first NORM landfill in 2007. Mr. Cuthill has been requested to speak at numerous International NORM Conferences including the IAEA NORM Symposium series. He is a member of the Canadian NORM Working Group and played a pivotal role in the development of Health Canada’s, Canadian NORM Transport Guidelines.

Key Knowledge Requirements for Certification as a Class II Nuclear Facility RSO

Instructor: Jeff Sandeman, Former Senior Project/Program Officer, Accelerators and Class II Facilities Division, CNSC

Date: June 7, 2024

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Room: Chief’s Boardroom (River Cree Resort and Casino)

Fees:  Members: $400 (+13% HST) / Non-members: $450 (+13% HST) 
(fee includes instruction, any course materials, refreshment breaks, and lunch)

CRPA(R) Maintenance Points:  1.0

This course is intended to provide prospective candidates for certification as a Class II Nuclear Facility RSO with an overview of the key knowledge needed to successfully complete the certification exam.  It starts with a brief history of the evolution of the Class II Nuclear Facility and Prescribed Equipment Regulations, including the implementation of the RSO certification requirements under section 15.1 in 2015.

Thereafter, the course focuses on the key knowledge areas related to Class II Nuclear Facilities which are normally assessed as part of the CII RSO exam.  Emphasis is placed on:

  • Licensing phases and application requirements in the CIINFPE Regulations
  • CII facility safety systems and the rationale behind them.
  • Operational design characteristics of common types of CIIPE
  • Shielding and dose estimates for CIINF
  • Activation of irradiated materials


Jeff retired from the Accelerators and Class II Facilities Division of the CNSC in January 2021, after 17 years with the Division.  Prior to that, he had 20 years of experience in a wide range of radiation safety activities, including several years as the RSO for CancerCare Manitoba’s radiation therapy facilities.  Teaching and mentoring new staff and students on topics such as radiation protection fundamentals and radiation shielding design was a key part of both careers.  He is a long-time member of the CRPA.


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