The CRPA Annual Conference is not just an opportunity to network with colleagues, you’ll also have the chance to meet new potential partners and discover new products and services offered to the wider radiation protection community.  This would not be possible without the participation and support of our exhibitors and corporate members.

CRPA is pleased to welcome the following exhibitors to the 2024 Conference:

Saskatchewan Research Council

Booth Number: 1

 The Saskatchewan Research Council is Canada’s second-largest research and technology organization, and we support innovation and industrial commercialization for clients in 23 countries. We focus on providing services that support a variety of industries (such as mining, minerals, agriculture, oil and gas, energy, and biotechnology) in Saskatchewan and beyond and meeting the environmental needs of industry, government, and communities.

F&J Specialty Products, Inc. 

Booth Number: 2

 For over three decades, F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. (F&J) has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance digital airflow calibration and air sampling systems for the nuclear power industry. Based in Florida, F&J provides microprocessor-controlled instruments that are more accurate, provide automation and cost less to operate. F&J also is the world’s largest manufacturer of TEDA impregnated charcoal cartridges and silver zeolite cartridges for radioiodine gas collection for protection of workers and the general public.


Mirion Technologies (Canberra CA) Ltd. 

Booth Number: 3

 Mirion Technologies is a leading provider of innovative products, systems and services related to the measurement, detection, and monitoring of radiation. The company delivers high quality, state-of-the-art solutions that constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of its customers. 

Spectral Solutions Inc. 

Booth Number: 4

 Spectral Solutions specializes in comprehensive consulting and training programs for Radiation and Laser Safety Programs. Our custom courses integrate best practice, essential safety, and compliance skills for radiation and laser operations. Through engaging, hands-on experiences, we ensure our participants are well-prepared to confidently apply these standards in real-world situations.  Our consulting services span program and manual creation, revisions, audits, and support. Discover more about our services by visiting our website or contacting us directly. 

Dosel Australasia Pty Ltd.

Booth Number: 5

Dosel, founded by medical physicist and imaging technologist Vivien Munoz-Ferrada, provides a software platform and infrastructure system to help manage your radiation licence obligations and meet the accreditation standards across the healthcare sector. We offer comprehensive regulatory, compliance, and accreditation solutions in the complex area of radiation protection. 

Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products 

Booth Number: 6

Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products provides high quality, NIST traceable radio- active calibration sources, solutions, and gases. We operate three ISO17025: 2005 DAkkS accredited calibration laboratories. Radiochemical performance evaluation samples are provided quarterly for effluent and environmental monitoring programs. 

ALARA Consultants Inc.

Booth Number: 7

 Since 1996, ALARA Consultants Inc. has worked diligently to establish ourselves as a reputable and reliable company that provides radiation safety services and radiation related products throughout Canada from our Edmonton, Alberta based facility. We provide radiation safety training, regulatory consulting and compliance, radiation meter calibration and sales (Ludlum, S.E. International, and Tracerco), leak testing, sales of Mirion Medical (Capintec) nuclear medicine and imaging equipment, Eckert and Ziegler radioactive source sales, and NORM related services.

Normtek Radiation Services

Booth Number: 8

 NormTek provides cradle-to-grave naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) management solutions for resource-based industries that generate NORM. NormTek’s qualified professionals ensure proper radiation protection requirements are maintained in accordance with Canada’s occupational health and safety, waste management, and complex radiation protection regulations.

Radiation Safety Institute of Canada

Booth Number: 9

 The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada founded in 1980 is an independent, national charitable organization dedicated to promoting and advancing radiation safety in the workplace, in the environment and in the community.  Our commitment to the principle of “good science in plain language®” underpins everything we do.  

In addition to our free public information service, we provide training and consulting services coordinated out of our National Education Centre in Toronto.  At the Fergal Nolan National Laboratories in Saskatoon, we offer a full range of laboratory services related to radiation protection including radiation instrument calibration, leak testing, the only licensed personal alpha dosimetry provider in North America, and the home to the only C-NRPP certified radon chamber in Canada.

Gamble Technologies Limited

Booth Number: 10

 GTL provides Canadian distribution/service for such leading manufacturers as: Ametek ORTEC, Princeton Applied Research, Solartron, Hidex OY, Ocean Insight, Raptor Photonics, Thermo Scientific Field Safety Instruments; Solar Light Company and complementary manufacturers in each of these fields. 

 GTL is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario with regional locations across Canada. We are proud of our long-term commitment to the Canadian Science Community and of our long-term partnership with our suppliers and our personnel. 

 GTL is a leading full-service distributor providing advanced measurement technology in electrochemistry, nuclear measurements, optical spectroscopy and imaging, and homeland security. 

Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

Booth Number: 11

 The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST) vision is to help Canadians reduce radon risk in their home, workplace, and public environment. CARST membership includes a wide range of professionals, industry, and organizational types.

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Booth Number: 12

 The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect health, safety, and the environment and to implement Canada’s international commitments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Come meet the people who make that possible

University of Alberta

Booth Number: 13

We are a Top 5 Canadian research intensive university and one of the Top 120 in the world. Find out what makes our student experience so rich, meaningful and life-changing.  Explore our digital view book.

Safe behaviour is the shared responsibility of all University of Alberta faculty, staff, students, contractors and visitors. It is a legal and ethical obligation that prevents injuries and illness, saves lives and contributes to a rewarding working, learning and living experience. As university leaders, supervisors, staff and students we understand that we must work together to promote and sustain a culture of safety at the U of A. 

A commitment to radiation safety has allowed the U of A to be a leader in research and teaching that shapes the future of Alberta and Canada. We are delighted to sponsor the 2024 CRPA Conference in Edmonton.

Stuart Hunt & Associates Ltd.

Booth Number: 14

Stuart Hunt & Associates Ltd. offers a full range of radiation safety services that make it easy to meet your regulatory obligations. Whether it’s navigating the CNSC licensing process, buying detection instrumentation, training your staff, or disposing of radioactive material-Stuart Hunt & Associates ‘experienced staff will work in partnership with you to provide quality, cost-effective solutions to meet all your radiation safety needs.

Canadian Radiation Protection Association

Booth Number: 15

 The objective of the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA) is to advance the development and communication of scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting people and their environment from the harmful effects of radiation consistent with the optimal use of radiation for the benefit of society.


Please contact Cody Cuthill if you have any questions on Exhibiting.